It’s been eight weeks since I plunged head-first into the startup world.  In that time, I’ve learned a ton about the current state of mobile app development in Toronto.  This post is intended to summarize my key findings about organizations in the Greater Toronto Area who are currently involved with building mobile-related businesses.

I’m using specific definitions for some terms used throughout the list:

  • Product:  For the purposes of this list, a “product” organization is any organization that has released an app that meets one of the following minimum criteria: 1) 1,000 downloads, 2) 25 total ratings, 3) $10,000 in revenue.  Companies that do not have an app that meets this criteria can still be considered a services organization.
  • Services:  A services organization is more loose in its definition.  I’m defining a services organization as any company whose website suggests that they are available to take on client work related to mobile.
  • Platform: A platform organization produces one app across multiple platforms.  In many cases, where the platform is mobile-web based, I have denoted that the organization does not have a native app available, but their app is available for mobile platforms.  I made this distinction because I was more interested in mobile startups who were focused on building native apps.  I did not include a list of companies who build mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly websites.
  • Hybrid:  A hybrid organization makes both products (as defined above) and also does client work.

Notable exclusions:

  • I know that there are several agencies who use PhoneGap, Titanium or another cross-platform mobile framework to create “native” apps across multiple platforms.  This is a grey area for me;  I will admit I haven’t yet figured out how to account for these types of organizations.  Suggestions are welcome.
  • I know there are many hobby developers in the city that have released apps under a company name.  These companies have not been included here.
  • If the company website was vague about what mobile-related services were available, the organization was excluded from this list.
  • I’ve only included startups that are within a 50 km radius of downtown Toronto.  I did not include any startups coming out of Waterloo.

Would you like to be included on this list?

This list is not complete.  It is simply my first shot at understanding who does mobile work in Toronto.  I’d love to include your mobile startup on this list, but please take note of the following minimum criteria if you have built one or more apps:

  1. You must have released at least one app into the iTunes Apple Store, Android Market or WP7 Marketplace.
  2. Your app must have reached, at minimum, 1,000 downloads, 25 ratings or $10,000 in revenue.  Those are arbitrary numbers, but they show some measure of success at building successful, valuable mobile applications.  Feel free to send me a link – or if the app was created for a client, you can email me at milan [at] zeusriver [dot] com.
  3. You must live within a 50km radius of downtown Toronto.

If you have a startup that isn’t already on the list, leave a comment on the blog and I’ll add it as soon as I can.

Update (Nov 28/11):

I’ve added a bunch of new startups based on feedback from Dan Verhaeghe.  I’m also curating a Twitter list of mobile startups in Toronto based on this list.  Feel free to follow this list if you’re interest in local mobile app development!

Update (Apr 26/11):

Added Dexterity Mobile, Clearbridge Mobile, Public Leaf, Brisk Mobile and Tapgage.  If you aren’t on the list, leave a comment on the blog and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

Update (Sept 18/12):

Added IT Guy, Black Optek and Animated Media.